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Vitacost Coupon and Review of Raw Fit Organic Protein

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How To Find and Use A Coupon For Vitacost

Vitacost is one of the largest whole food stores which features products like vitamin pills, protein powders, organic foods, herbs, extracts and other bodybuilding and weight loss related products. If you have ever purchased from you would have noticed a coupon box at the checkout page prompting you to enter a discount code. Even if you are a subscriber and you have been receiving the weekly newsletter with all the promotional offers inside, most of the times you will have to search a promo yourself for your particular order. There are hundreds of sites offering a coupon. You simple copy and paste one at that particular box.

Example of a Promo Code

Subscribers of the weekly newsletter are noticed of new products and seasonal promotions and receive health tips and discount codes. For example, there are special offers for vitamins and other immune strengthening products during autumn due to the high rise of flu every year. The latest coupon code is QSKIN92R and gives 10% off all products sitewide.

One of vitacost’s products with the highest sales is the Garden of Life RAW Fit Organic Protein. It is a high-protein protein powder certified by the USDA. Garden of Life protein provides an easy way through which one increase protein intake. It has a sweet flavor that does well when mixed with favorite drinks or foods. It helps boost ones energy, burn fat, lose weight, maintain appropriate blood sugar levels, and above all, look great. A typical vitacost promo code is going to drop its price by 15% and also grant you with free shipping.

Benefits of Life RAW Fit Organic Protein

  • Customers love the Raw Fit for its excellent performance in helping reduce weight. It contains green bean coffee extracts that promotes health and is a good supplement for weight loss.
  • It helps relieve stress. Its users value it because it contains Ashwaganda that is responsible for a healthy immune system and controls cortisol production.
  • It also enhances the feeling of fullness immediately it starts draining down the intestines. Drinking two or one of its shakes and taking one regular meal provides all what the body needs in a day.
  • It gives a feeling of satisfaction and leaves its users with a sense of fullness.
  • Above all, it is free of goodies such as sweeteners, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics that are often nasty.

Garden of Life RAW Fit Organic Protein


As much as the customers appreciate it, the energy provider still receives criticism. Its high metal content is a characteristic that has booed many customers away from purchasing it. An experiment done by Mike Adams revealed that it contains high amounts of brown rice content. The rice comes from China where industrial regulations are not of the best standards. The result is that elements such as Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic have been traced.

Customers should, however, be relieved off their worries because Garden of Life is now more attentive on where they are sourcing their raw, as well as, conducting regular testing for contaminants.

Price and Promotional Codes shelves it at $31.61. Its price seems high, but is justified by the fact that it has more enhancements compared to other protein food supplements. Its price equates it with the expensive supplements that it contains such as Ashwaganda and green coffee extracts.


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