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BistroMD Coupon and Advantages of the Program

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If I would sum up the many benefits of the BistroMD diet meal delivery program, I would highlight the fact that this company has perfected the art of losing weight without feeling deprived. And when I say deprived I mean both food- and money-wise. The meals in the plan are tasty and filling. And the cost comes down to a few dollars a meal, thanks to the BistroMD coupon that you can avail.

There is a good reason that Bistro MD has been endorsed by Dr Phil and  personal trainer Jillian Michaels. They have both seen how this nutritionally balanced plan has helped their patients get rid of their excess weight and enjoy a better life. Here is a promotion code for Bistro MD.

BistroMD Discount Code

Bistro MD ships food to your home once a week. The food comes in a big container kept at almost freezing temperature. Shipping does cost about $20, but with a bistromd coupon you can have the food delivered free of shipping costs. Just enter SaveonShip at checkout and the shipping cost will be removed from the total expense.

Advantages of BistroMD

There are many advantages to using BistroMD for your dieting needs. The great thing is it can be tailored to your needs, crafting a diet plan that is right for you. Some of these reasons are:


Many people are deterred from using diet programs because no matter how motivated they may be about losing weight, they quickly grow tired of bland, repetitive diets, and bad tasting weight-loss shakes. BistroMD provides an alternative, with a diet program centered around the belief that losing weight through healthy eating should be based on delicious, real food. This will help to keep you motivated to stick with the program, thereby increasing your chance of getting results quickly. Although BistroMD, like any diet plan, is not suitable for everyone, you would be hard pressed to find a bad review for the flavor of their entrees. In addition, the general consensus appears to be that BistroMD portions are more satisfying and more filling than many alternative programs. Read this post to learn more about the Bistro MD taste and program in general.


BistroMD offers over 200 different chef-prepared entrees to choose from. When you set up your account on BistroMD, a dietician will create your diet plan for you, which you can then customize to your liking. You are free to choose entrees from the menu, selecting those which you like and avoiding the foods you don’t like. Each day is made up of three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By default BistroMD offers two main weekly diet programs, one providing 7 days of food, and the other providing 5 days of food. In addition to the main meals, BistroMD offers an optional snack package, which provides 2 high protein snacks per day to help maximize your results. Further choices are available to tailor the diet program to your specific needs according to gender and unique health requirements such as allergy or low sodium.

Credentials and Endorsements

BistroMD was created by Dr. Catherine J. Cederquist, M.D., a fully qualified physician with a bariatric certification, the specialty associated with the treatment of obesity. Dr. Cederquist has over 20 years of experience helping people lose weight through a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. She originally designed BistroMD for use in her Wellness Center in Florida, where she helped thousands to lose weight. Here’s a short list of others who recommend BistroMD:

Finally, although I mentioned it already, let me point out that Bistro MD is really low priced. They are currently running a promotion where you can get a full week’s worth of food for $99 with coupon BigSavings7.

Lose Weight Fast with Nutrisystem Coupon Code and Fast5

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Nutrisystem’s newest addition to their results-proven dieting program promises users will lose five pounds in just their first week or their money back, guaranteed. As the jumpstart dieters are looking for, Fast 5 helps users get on the fast track to their weight loss finish line.

But jumpstarting a diet is not only a matter of joining a special diet plan. The cost of the plan is an important issue. Thankfully, with their Nutrisystem coupon codes and deals,  Nutrisystem is the lowest priced meal delivery diet program, making it easy for almost any of us to jump into the fast diet wagon. Consumer Reviews has given Nutrisystem 4 stars based on 800 consumer ratings.

Nutrisystem Coupons and Saving Deals

One thing that I like about Nutrisystem is that it has always a variety of deals. A Nutrisystem coupon may not always be available, but a deep discount deal is likely to be featured in the home page of the company’s site every month. Here are the Nutrisystem promotions and discounts for this month.

Deal 1. Get on the Fast Lane to Weight Loss with Fast5 and Lose 5 pounds in your First Week. To learn more about the Fast 5 plan, see below.

Deal 2. Save 40% when you join the auto-delivery program

Nutrisystem got 3 stars from the experts of US News.

What is Nutrisystem Fast 5?

Nutrisystem Fast 5 and Coupon

The Nutrisystem Fast 5 was created for anyone and everyone as an easy to follow, short weight loss introduction program. As with other Nutristystem programs premade meals are shipped directly to your doorstep making dieting more convenient than ever. The proportioned meals provided with the Fast 5 program are typically low on the glycemic index and offer a wide range of the nutrients your body needs to perform at its best.

Sold as a bonus with the Nutrisystem My Way program you can begin benefiting from Fast 5 for free. With Fast 5, you’ll get a bonus week of specially selected breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to maximize your results, seven EnergiZING shakes to rev your metabolism, seven Craving Crusher shakes to fight off hunger, and a unique seven day meal plan for ultimate weight loss. Losing weight with Nutrisystem is as easy as following the simple meal guide.

Good for Vegetarians and Diabetics, too

Because Nutristystem’s target audience is anyone looking to lose weight, Fast 5 is not only offered as a standard program kit but also as an add-on kit for vegetarians and diabetics. Like the My Way program, both men and women can benefit from using Fast 5 to jump start their weight loss and reach success more quickly.

By ordering a 28-Day Nutrisystem My Way plan you will get the Fast 5 kit absolutely free allowing you to kick start your weight loss immediately. Fast 5 was specifically designed as an introduction to the Nutrisystem My Way plan. Because of this it prepares you in every way to not only lose weight fast, but to move onto your monthly plan five pounds lighter and more motivated than ever.

The Nutrisystem Fast 5 may just be exactly what you need to boost your confidence, lose weight fast, and become more excited than ever about dieting. Free with any Nutrisystem My Way plan, or sold separately for a small price, Fast 5 promises amazing results faster than ever. In just one week, you can jump start your weight loss, become more motivated than ever, and drop five pounds fast. And with a Nutrisystem discount code or deal, you are equipped for weight loss success.

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Obesity and Depression are Linked, Studies Find

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Obesity Causes Depression

Two studies reinforce the previously reported association between obesity and depression. The studies were published in the March and May 2010 issues of Archives of General Psychiatry and Psychiatry Research, respectively.

Both obesity and depression are widely prevalent health problems that cause huge economic burden. Obesity frequency has more than doubled in the past 2 decades in the US, while 120 million people in the world are suffering from depression at any given time.

The May 2010 study [1] was a meta-analysis of 17 previous cross-sectional studies on the obesity-depression association. A meta-analysis is a method used in statistics that synthesizes research results from several studies in order to increase the sample size and provide stronger conclusions. Cross-sectional study is a research method that involves observation of certain groups of people, all at the same time.

This cross-sectional meta-analysis used data from 200,000 people and found a positive association between depression and obesity, which appeared to be more prominent in women than in men. This finding confirms the results of previous studies conducted throughout the last decade, which used smaller population samples.

The March 2010 [2] study was a meta-analysis of 15 previous longitudinal studies on the relationship between obesity and depression. A longitudinal study, unlike a cross-sectional study, is the research method of collecting data from a population at repeated intervals over an extended span of time, rather than at a single moment, in an attempt to establish a relationship between two conditions.

The goal of this study was to provide information on the direction of the obesity depression association. Is it obesity that causes depression, or vise versa? Obesity was defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 30. BMI is an index of obesity based on an individual’s height and weight.

In order to find if obesity and overweight are predictors of depression, about 55,000 people were followed for 10 years. Those who were obese at the beginning of the study had a 55% higher risk of developing depression within 10 years than the subjects who maintained a normal BMI.

In order to evaluate depression as a predictor of obesity and overweight, about 7,100 people were interviewed and followed up after 10 years. Those diagnosed with depression had a 58% higher risk of becoming obese than normal individuals.

Key Points on Depression-Obesity Link

Therefore, the study found that obesity and depression are linked bi-directionally. The one is a predictor of the other. What is the reasoning behind this association?

How Can Obesity Cause Depression?

First, obesity has been recognized as an inflammatory disease. Weight gain stimulates inflammatory mechanisms in the body, and inflammation has been linked to depression
in a number of studies.

Second, obesity has been suggested to dysregulate the part of the neuroendocrine system known as hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Impairment of this system has been shown to be involved in depression.

Third, being overweight is socially viewed as being unattractive. Culturally, thin is beautiful. Obese individuals are prone to feelings of dissatisfaction and lower self-esteem, which increase psychological stress.

How Can Depression Cause Obesity?

According to Dr. Jeffery A.N.’s recent finding, there is an association between low mood in children and poor metabolic health [3].

Other studies have found that depressed people have higher than normal levels of cortisol. Elevated cortisol promotes fat storage in the intra-abdominal area, as it inhibits the enzymes that breakdown stored lipids in visceral adipose tissue.

Further, depressed people are usually not motivated or simply lack the energy to exercise. They also tend to adapt unhealthy dietary patterns. This makes them susceptible to becoming obese.

Finally, anti-depressant medication causes weight gain in at least 25% of people. Commonly prescribed drugs can cause patients to gain 10 pounds or more.


These two population studies establish a reciprocal interaction between obesity and depression. The one health condition can be a consequence of the other. Obesity is a predictor of depression and visa versa. Adapting healthy diet and exercise habits or following a proven weight loss program will help overweight and depressed people improve their emotional health and develop a better psychological status.