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My Weight Loss Story: How I Got My Life Back with Nutrisystem

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This story is by Theresa. Theresa and I have been close friends since college.

I wasn’t always overweight. I wasn’t your typical depressed over-eater and I loved my life, apart from the fact that my marriage was falling apart. After going through a nasty divorce, I felt like I had gotten a new lease on life. I focused on my career, which I loved, and soon my love life was also flourishing. I felt like everything was looking up again.

However, I didn’t realize that while I was busy enjoying this new stage of my life, I was slowly letting myself go. My weight had slowly climbed up that I was shocked when I saw photos of myself after my 40th birthday celebration. I was huge! This realization about my weight hit me hard. I slumped into a short period of depression before finally realizing that I can turn things around, with a bit of help and hard work.

The first thing I looked up was the Nutrisystem site. And this is where I read Shari’s story. I found her experiences in life very relevant to mine. Like me, she had also gone through a divorce.

Shari Nutrisystem

I had also heard of great reviews of the program from friends so I knew that there’s a good chance that the program would help me as well. Unlike other weight loss programs, it didn’t cost too much and the reviews were encouraging. I placed my order that same night and my life has not been the same since!

I loved the diversity of the menus. The meals were really good and the fact that they were conveniently prepared meant that I could follow the program despite my hectic schedule. There were times when I’d arrive home hours after dinnertime. I would just pop in the Nutrisystem meals in the microwave and I’d be enjoying a healthy and hot meal in a matter of minutes.

I also loved accessory resources such as online tools for tracking measurements, food intake and exercise. The accompanying Mindset Makeover helped me stay on track mentally and emotionally and helped me stay focused even during times when I felt like cheating, which was often! I had a hard time getting used to the portion controls, since I was a big eater. Getting used to smaller portions, even though the program allowed for more frequent meals, was something that I had to overcome slowly.

As of today I have lost a total of 57 lbs.! Never did I think that I could accomplish this in such short a time with an online program. True to their word, the makers of the program have ensure that I stayed on track and lived a healthier lifestyle to facilitate this physical and mental change in me. Today, I feel so much better physically and mentally, my confidence is back and I feel beautiful! I would definitely recommend this program to others who want to lose weight and live a healthier life.

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