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Great Coupon Strategies for the Holidays

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The holidays are considered the best time to make big savings. In fact, we all wait with our shopping lists for the holiday season sales with as much eagerness as children muster for Santa Claus. However, we are so caught up in sales that we forget about the additional savings we can make from coupons.

I personally believe coupons are a big savings opportunity and should be part of an efficient savings strategy. These are some effective coupon saving strategies for the holidays shopping that can reduce burden on your pocket.

Save on turkey – For the holidays, Butterball has issued a coupon that can be used to make significant savings on turkey. With this coupon you can save $3 on complete Thanksgiving dinner. Visit or locate 11|9|14 coupon, insert the coupon and buy any three Betty Crocker, Green Giant or Pillsbury items and get $3 off on turkey.

meat coupons

Make more savings on meat – Visit and browse their food category section to avail $5 discount per $15 coupons. These coupons can be used at your nearest Publix store (if they accept them) to make a big savings on the cost of meat including turkey. And, if you have coupons from any other meat manufacturer, stack those with these coupons to make additional savings.

Broaden your search – Make sure that you browse main coupon databases such as, or, especially if you aren’t in habit of keeping coupon inserts from Sunday Newspaper. You can combine the coupons you find on above mentioned websites with local sales to improve your savings.

I also advise to keep a keen eye on Sunday newspaper because more than 70% coupons still come from it. And, also follow local stores on Facebook and Twitter, so that you can be among the first to know about special offers.

If you gain weight this Holiday season, join Nutrisystem. They have some great coupon deals.

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