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E-Cigarettes Are Effective in Smoking Cessation, Studies Find

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Since 2006 when electronic cigarettes entered the market, it has been said that these battery powered nicotine-based devices are effective in helping smokers quit the tobacco habit. However this claim has only recently started gaining scientific validity. From various tests performed the past few years, researchers have observed that e-cigarettes have been effective in smoking cessation, just like the nicotine patch. However, the real question we are still unsure about is whether vaping nicotine is the better option in comparison to gum or using a patch.


E-Cigarette sales have increased greatly over the last two years, but this doesn’t mean that the health effects of nicotine vaping have been elucidated. Due to the product being quite new, there is no long-term evidence to suggest they are completely harmless. The debate goes on.

Some experts are worried that the E-Cigarette is just another way to allow people to get nicotine into their body, whereas others feel it could be widely beneficial to millions of people who want to quit smoking.

On December 16th 2014, a study was published known as the Cochrane Review. This study reviewed and extracted conclusions from 13 previous trials on e-cigarettes. The study was used to see what the effects of using e-cigarettes are and if it has led to people cutting down their smoking habits by half. Another issue it looked at was if the e-cigarette was causing any serious problems for the individuals but the studies found it was not.

The results showed that approximately 9% of smokers who were using e-cigarettes were able to quit smoking for 6 months. They also showed that approximately 36% of e-cigarette users were able to cut there usage of regular cigarettes to half.

The studies also showed that using a patch helped 44% of tobacco users cut their consumption by half, while using e-cigs lead to 61% of users cutting their tobacco use by half.

As we have said before, the e-cigarette is still at a very early stage so the studies are still preliminary. If they are more effective in smoking cessation than other methods is still unknown. However, from what has been stated in recent times, the e-cigarette is likely to be very beneficial to many individuals around the world.