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Vitacost Coupon and Review of Raw Fit Organic Protein

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How To Find and Use A Coupon For Vitacost

Vitacost is one of the largest whole food stores which features products like vitamin pills, protein powders, organic foods, herbs, extracts and other bodybuilding and weight loss related products. If you have ever purchased from you would have noticed a coupon box at the checkout page prompting you to enter a discount code. Even if you are a subscriber and you have been receiving the weekly newsletter with all the promotional offers inside, most of the times you will have to search a promo yourself for your particular order. There are hundreds of sites offering a coupon. You simple copy and paste one at that particular box. Continue reading

Study Finds Correlation Between Sleep Pattern and Fitness

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treadmillA study titled “Decline in Cardio respiratory Fitness and Odds of Incidental Sleep Complaints”, which was published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, may reveal another reason to stay active and healthy as we age. The study that took place between 1971 and 2006 at the University of Georgia has found an association between fitness level and sleep. The study followed more than 8,000 men and woman between the ages of twenty and eighty five. The study tracked the participant’s cardio respiratory fitness over a period of two years for each person.

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